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Thursday, 11 August 2022 2.23 PM IST

Long-term contract is no small fish


Long-term power purchase contracts have played a role in KSEB's losses. At the same time, those who come to power will not be ready to look for alternatives. What is the reason behind this? If it was corruption, shouldn't it come out? This is not a small fish. The long-term contracts are one of the largest commercial deals in the state with an annual turnover of Rs 9,000 crore. Four of these contracts are in controversy.

It was with the transfer of B Ashok, who was the chairman of the board, that the news came out that behind this were the actions of long-term contractors. Moreover, the former chairman Ashok revealed in an interview to Kerala Kaumudi that when the representatives of these companies came, they returned when he informed them that the board are interested in buying electricity at a low rate. He also said he knew that some in the regulatory commissions were promised money that could be transferred from a foreign country. This is a very serious allegation. And when a former chairman reveals that too, prima facie there is nothing to be disbelieved. If it is not true then it is the government's responsibility to bring it out. Isn't it the duty of the government that took oath in the name of the constitution to bring out those who are selling the state interest? Isn't not doing so an insult to the Constitution?

The agreement came into force when the UDF was in power. It was heard back then that KSEB, which was initially reluctant to sign, quickly jumped into the agreement after a phone call from a high-ranking person from Delhi. Later the LDF government did not cancel the agreement. The people have a right to know who these all-consuming whales are. Because they have to bear the brunt of the electricity charge hike implemented by KSEB on account of losses. When the agreement was signed during the UDF regime, the then controversial hero Sivasankar was the chairman. Later, even when Paul Antony became chairman, the deal continued without the approval of the regulatory commission. Paul Antony's involvement in this after his retirement is also an unanswered question. The decision to continue the controversial contracts after the appointment of a new chairman to KSEB also raises doubts. If an honest investigation is done, this will probably be the biggest scam that Kerala has ever seen.

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