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Wednesday, 07 December 2022 6.35 AM IST

Postings must not be delayed due to vested interests


The plight of PSC rank holders waiting for ages to get a posting has been discussed many times. The reasons for this range from the reluctance of the appointing authorities to the vested interests of some. The government continues to warn of strict actions against government officials, who do not report vacancies on time. However, these warnings are only to satisfy the disgruntled PSC rank holders.

Even if vacancies are reported there are many rank holders who do not get the appointment letter.

The delay in appointments to various government posts not only affects the rank holders, but it, directly and indirectly, affects the people. For example, many government colleges in the state are being run without enough teachers and even without a principal. This is not because there is a dearth of qualified candidates for the post nor it is because the rank list is not prepared.

For the past four years, sixty-six government colleges in the state are functioning without a principal. There might be a substitute, who has the charge of principal, in these colleges. However, it is very important to have a full-time principal for the smooth functioning and administration of a college.

The authorities think that if colleges can be run without a principal then there is no need to appoint someone to the post. Meanwhile, if these authorities need to appoint someone who is close to them, then they have no qualms about changing the rules and stipulations. There will be no blocks in finding someone and appointing them.

It is now two months since the Higher Education Department got the PSC list to appoint principals to the sixty-six colleges that are running without a principal. The colleges are also open now. Still, appointments to the post of principal are not taking place.

This is because of the intervention of organizations close to the government. The person who has the qualifications under UGC guidelines must be appointed as principal. The PSC list has a lot of candidates who fit the bill. However, critics point out that the appointments are delayed to favor those people who are close to the authorities. These officials will even bend the rules to accommodate those close to them.

This is not limited to government colleges only. Polytechnic institutions are also facing a similar situation. It is clear that the absence of superior authority in technical institutions will create many crises. This is also a grave crime committed against the candidates who have the required qualifications.

There are many candidates who are waiting for postings in all government departments. Even when the need for nurses in the health department is acute, appointments are moving at a snail's pace. There are also many vacancies in government high and secondary schools, which are not filled.

Even the panchayats, which were given more powers under decentralization, are also reeling under the absence of much-needed employees. Even though the post of Secretary is very crucial in the functioning of a panchayat, there are 71 panchayats in Kerala being run without a secretary.

In addition, 75 panchayats do not have an Assistant Secretary. This condition has been caused due to vested interests of a few. New persons can be appointed as Secretaries. If not, juniors can be promoted to the post. Also, the post of Assistant Secretary can be filled from the PSC rank list.

However, those in power do not take timely decisions. The delay in taking timely decisions becomes a big threat to smooth administration.

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