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Friday, 03 February 2023 4.41 PM IST

Customer receives chunk of concrete instead of laptop he ordered on Flipkart, company refuses refund demand at first request


E-commerce sites came up with big offers as part of festivities to lure customers. But the story of a customer who was scammed after placing an order on Flipkart is now doing rounds on the internet. A person who ordered a laptop from Flipkart during the Big Diwali sale was in for a shocker as he only got a chunk of concrete inside the packing. Chinmaya Ramana, a Flipkart Plus member from Mangalore in Karnataka, ordered a gaming laptop on October 15 and received a parcel containing stone and some e-waste on October 20.

Following this, Chinmaya immediately informed Flipkart and demanded a refund. But the company initially refused to refund the money and rejected the customer's request. Then Chinmaya mailed them with all the proof.

The company then said that it needs time to resolve the complaint. At this time, Chinmaya also shared the pictures of the stone he received on social media. After this post went viral, Flipkart admitted the mistake and refunded the full amount. Chinmaya Ramana tweeted on Monday that the entire has been returned.

Open box delivery

The best way to avoid problems like the one that happened to Chinmaya is to use services like 'open box delivery'. When purchasing expensive items, the delivery agent can be asked to open the box to ensure that the requested item is inside and has not been visibly damaged in transit. E-commerce sites have recently launched services like 'open box delivery' with the intention of ending such disputes.

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