Is Dileep accused in actress attack case, shocking revelation by Sreenivasan


KOCHI: The actress attack case against Dileep is a concocted one, said actor Sreenivasan. I don’t understand the aim behind Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), a women gathering of Malayalam films, he said in an interview to a private channel.

Sreenivasan said the stories against Dileep in the actress attack case is a concocted one. I don’t believe Dileep gave a quotation of Rs 1.5 core to Pulsar Suni. The Dileep I know will not spend this much amount for such a thing. I don’t understand the drive and aim of WCC. He rejected the demand of equal wages and exploitation towards women in the film field. I am not saying all these to exploit any organisation and I am not disclosing more as there are barriers for some things, he said.