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Saturday, 03 June 2023 8.20 PM IST

City to be guarded by two lakh cameras; agreement for project where residence associations and police join hands


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Police plan to install 200,000 surveillance cameras in the capital city to increase city security and prevent crimes, including violence against women. The project is with the participation of residents' associations and businessmen of the city. The aim is to bring the roads passing through the limits of the Residents Association under surveillance. For this, the existing cameras will be focused towards the road and new ones will be installed at the required places.

An agreement has been reached in this regard in the meeting of the representatives of the resident association of the city, which was held under the leadership of Commissioner CH Nagaraju. About 150 people attended the meeting. Camera surveillance will be done in all crowded (especially women's) places, including hot spots in the city. Camera presence will be ensured at bus stops, major junctions, roads, intersections, places of worship, and school and college premises. It has been decided to completely cover the city with cameras in the situation where in many recent crimes in the city the police are the searching in dark, unable to catch the culprits. ANPR cameras with night vision and vehicle number recognition are all set to be installed as many of the images on the current cameras are hampering the identification of criminals. The help of residence associations, traders and other organizations was sought in the situation where the police could not immediately install so many cameras on their own. Most of the roads, including major roads in the city, are not fully covered by cameras. The new plan will solve this. The police will soon call a meeting of the trade union representatives. This is to ensure the participation of the traders in the city security as well as discuss the issues of the traders.

Beneficial for police

The footage from the cameras can be viewed on a monitor in the residence association office or in the officials' homes. This can be used by the police for investigations. Many cameras of the Police, Motor Vehicles Department, and Road Safety Authority have broken down due to a lack of maintenance. Expensive cameras are guaranteed by companies so that defects can be fixed in time.

Enhanced monitoring by police

Enhanced Monitoring by Police and Citizen of Trivandrum City is the name of the new project in which the residence associations and the police have joined hands. A district-level meeting will be held once in three months under the supervision of the City Police Commissioner and station-level meetings will be held every month under the leadership of the SHOs. Through this, effective intervention and people's policing can be implemented in every case of ​​crime, drug sales, other anti-social activities, protection of old and lonely people, monitoring of criminals, etc

The aim of the police is to monitor the city with two lakh cameras. The places where the cameras are to be installed have been determined by collecting information from all the police stations about the places where there is no camera surveillance. The project will be implemented soon.

- CH Nagaraju,

City Police Commissioner

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