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Saturday, 23 September 2023 4.56 PM IST

Pakistan turmoil should scare India


Pakistan is in turmoil. Islamic democracy is how the world recognizes India's neighbor, but in truth democracy has long seen its death in Pak. Last week's Imran Khan’s arrest was all drama. The paramilitary broke the glass window of the Islamabad High Court to enter and seize the former prime minister of the nation. It took some days for the supreme court to lament the move. The SC later gave bail to Imran Khan.

In 2018, Imran Khan ascended the ranks to be the prime minister of Pakistan in one such gleamy affair. A former cricketer, suave, heartthrob of many, and an erudite in the English language getting into the chair was glitzy and more than a matter of pride and adulation for the people of Pakistan. It was after all, not an easy jump in ranks for Khan. Many cases of fraud and corruption were brought in against opposition leaders. Imran Khan incarcerated many such leaders on charges of corruption. Moreover, the army-backed Khan during such times, turning things more Edenic in Islamabad for the leader. And now, the Muslim League and People's Party in Pakistan is on a payback mission digging into old corruption endeavors of Khan and giving him the taste of his own medicine.

However, Imran Khan decided to take on a path unknown. Leaders evading arrest and turning fugitives after finding guilty are etched into the mains of Pak politics. Imran Khan petered out of all such luxuries but readied for a dare, rubbing noses with Army. He wanted a mandate from the public, a pragmatic and shrewd move considering the popularity Khan enjoys among Pakistanis. Presaging the danger, the government decided to allot paramilitary to stop further of Khan’s demagoguery, and it failed.

Pakistan was never a democracy. Army called the shots for eons. Imran Khan attacking the army and fearing ISIS chief Faisal Naseer targeting him was too much in words that the country’s strong-armed force could endure. Khan was arrested in a movie-like sequence the very next day after his rude take on the army. Riots followed from supporters of the former prime minister with even the current prime minister's palace being rummaged by supporters of Khan.

All but now, Pakistan is passing through dire times. The Pak rupee depreciation is at a historical low while the crippled economy still has not lifted its head from bed. Meanwhile, the country and its intelligence are doubted to shift focus from these predicaments with their usual callousness. Lashkar e taiba and other extremist factions are doubted to have entered Indian soil. Security is beefed up, especially in Kashmir. A few blasts and many killings will help divert the issue for some time but India is not ready to fall for the routine exercise but has more than one thing to offer back in exchange.

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