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Friday, 22 September 2023 6.10 PM IST

Student organization which is losing direction


SFI is the largest student organization in Kerala. The organization has successfully organised many student strikes in the past. It is a movement that gifted us many talented people who are ruling Kerala today. Most colleges have been dominated by SFI for years. People who were equally brilliant in learning and organizational activities used to lead the organization in earlier times. However, upon seeing some recent reports, one might feel that SFI is losing that tradition. It is deplorable that the leaders of that organization are standing in the front to commit mistakes today. If the party leadership and senior leaders do not intervene and change this bad situation, the party will have to face many humiliating incidents in the future. If found guilty, whoever holds the position should be expelled from the organization. If this does not happen, the new generations will get the wrong message that one can do anything by being part of this student organization.

The state secretary of the SFI is the latest leader to face an allegation. It was shown that student leader PM Arsho had passed the examinations in which he did not appear. Arsho has no mark or grade in any subject in the mark list of the third-semester examination of Maharaja's College Integrated PG Program in Archeology and Material Culture Studies. However, it was recorded that he passed the examination. The result published on March 23 has courted controversy. The authorities later modified the exam result link after other student organizations staged protests. Arsho's result is now recorded as 'Absent' and 'Failed'.

The college principal's explanation that the error occurred due to a glitch in the NIC's software that prepares the mark list is not very believable. Arsho is claiming that he did not take the exam due to the bail conditions which prevented him from entering Ernakulam district. However, all these explanations came out only when the controversy broke out. The people who made Arsho "pass" the exam should be found. Meanwhile, another SFI leader has been booked in the case of forging a document in the name of Ernakulam Maharaja's College. Thrikaripur native K Vidya, a PhD student at Kalady University, produced a fake work experience certificate for getting appointed as a guest lecturer. Some reports are claiming that Vidya is a close friend of Arsho. Putting all these together, it can be concluded that some irregularities must have taken place.

If the leaders of the organization lose their sense of direction, the followers who come behind will not hesitate to travel in the wrong direction. SFI, which courted controversy in the case of impersonation in Kattakkada Christian College last month, is in more trouble after the Maharaja's college incident came to light. It can be expected that the leadership will intervene and take action to save the party from such tendencies at any cost.

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