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Wednesday, 06 December 2023 8.48 PM IST

One mistake killed Nikhil's devious plan


MSM college fraudster and former SFI leader Nikhil Thomas has been banned from Kerala University for life; a bit too harsh but serves as a good precedent. The Syndicate said that it will summon the authorities of the Kayamkulam MSM College. The Syndicate also informed that a committee consisting of the Registrar and Examinations Controller will conduct the hearing. Nikhil from now, won't be able to attend any college that comes under the umbrella of KU and his hitherto written examinations for KU will be annulled.

Forging certificates and creating doctored mark lists are no new in Kerala. Many have mastered this skill and even reached the summit of employment acing on this chicanery. However, the trick didn’t pay dividends for Nikhil. He could have easily evaded scrutiny if the fake certificate was submitted to any other college. The SFI cadre’s audacity to apply for M.Com in the same MSM college shattered the plans. The two lakhs spent on the fake certificate also went bootless. The fake certificate genius, and former SFI leader Abin is also behind bars with Nikhil.

The university syndicate also decided to check all certificates issued in the past ten years; arguably the most vital decision after the scam came into open. It is quite a humongous task to succeed, considering the piles of certificates mounted in universities over the decade. However, the situation demands it and nodal officers, HODs, and principals will be included in the process.

Other universities too can emulate KUs stance of retrospective action. It will be nevertheless a favor of the finest order for the lakhs of students who toil all way to grab a seat in universities. On another note, many institutions are running lucrative businesses helping students forge certificates and earn easy degrees. Lakhs are spent by students to such institutions for certificates. These are times when even currency notes are faked with utmost precision, so it is no great shake to forge a certificate with near precision to the original.

The government should also keep an eye on the flock of students leaving the state for foreign countries and other states in the country for higher education. It makes palpable what is wrong in Kerala. Higher education is in shambles with the current disgrace of certificate fraud looming as an ominous sign. Students crave better education and tend not to waste their precious money simply to witness the raining frauds in the education sector.

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