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Friday, 24 May 2024 1.36 PM IST

Self-financing colleges with no students


There has been a huge increase in the number of self-financing engineering colleges in the state that did not get any students to join them. When all three government allotments for engineering admissions are completed, the number of private self-financing colleges, which did not get even ten students, is thirty. Out of this, the colleges where less than five children got allotment to is 14. Whereas, not even a single student was allotted to three colleges. There are 40 colleges to which less than 25 students got allotment to. There are 19 private self-financing colleges which have received allotment for more than a hundred students.

How can self-financing engineering colleges that do not have even ten children operate? It is better to allow such colleges to be converted into colleges offering various other courses. Students do not take allotment to such colleges because they perceive the quality of study and other learning facilities to be substandard. Engineering colleges in excess of the requirement should not have been sanctioned but since all these have been sanctioned already, it is advisable to convert them into institutes teaching non-engineering technical courses with employment potential. The government has issued an order allowing admission to the students who do not qualify in the entrance exam to the vacant seats left after three allotments. Some self-financing colleges are hoping to get some students through this. Some colleges are also on the scene, with offers like fees lower than the one set by the government, to find students for the vacant seats. Such measures will only cause the quality of engineering studies to go down further.

More students got allotment in Thiruvananthapuram College of Engineering which is in the government sector, 757 children. Kollam TKM College which is in the aided sector is second with 701 students. With the addition of management quota students, TKM will become the college with the most admissions.

Colleges with less than 50 students will find it difficult to move forward if they do not get students in the management quota. Along with this, when the allotment was completed it became clear that the children who were ahead in their studies are leaving Kerala to choose their educational institutions. Not even one of the top 100 rankers in the Kerala engineering rank list took admission to engineering colleges in Kerala. The highest-ranked student among the entrants is ranked 117th. 223 out of the top 1000 rankers and 563 in 2000 took admission in Kerala. All these things should be evaluated in detail and technical universities should think seriously about the changes to be made in engineering studies.

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