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Tuesday, 05 March 2024 1.59 PM IST

Leave me alone, I'm innocent; Alencier responds to case against him


Actor Alencier has responded after the Kerala Women's Commission registered a suo motu case against him for misbehaving with a journalist. 'I'm an innocent, please leave me alone, I did not say anything. There is a lot of news. A lot is being hidden. Aren't you celebrating and selling my name for a few days? Leave me, poor me, and let me live', Alencier told the media.

The Women's Commission voluntarily filed a case against Alencier for misbehaving with a journalist. In addition, Alencier made a derogatory remark about women after accepting the award at the State Film Awards ceremony. After accepting the award, Alencier's remark that he should not be tempted by a female statue as an award is highly condemnable, said P Sathi Devi, Women's Commission Chairperson.

Alencier made misogynist remarks after accepting the award at the state film awards function. Alencier's remark at the function that should not tempt giving a female sculpture is highly shameful. If he was against it, he should not have accepted the award. It was inappropriate to make such a remark after receiving the award. All the people in Kerala expected him to correct his mistake. However, that did not happen and he later spoke in very offensive language to a journalist, who came to interview him. The chairperson said the Thiruvananthapuram Rural SP has registered a case against Alencier for misbehaving with the journo and that they have asked for a report in this regard.

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