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Sunday, 03 March 2024 11.25 AM IST

Elephant is the fifth son of this elderly couple


PALAKKAD: Parukuttyamma and Ramakrishnaguptan of Sreekrishnapuram have five children. Their fifth son is an elephant who crossed the sea, Sreekrishnapuram Vijay. Vijay was brought from Andaman Island 22 years ago at the age of five.

All the children of Parukutty and Ramakrishnan are nearby. But they have only Vijay in the family home. Parukuttyamma (75), who was a teacher for 34 years, bought the baby elephant by spending her entire pension. Ramakrishna Gupta (83) stood by.

Vijay is mother's son and is very close to Parukutty. He would not accept if Ramakrishna and Parukutty had spoken without paying attention to him. He would make a sound to get their attention.

It is Ramakrishna who always Vijay gives rice. Viajy cleans the copper pot that has the rice with his trunk. Five kilos of rice in the afternoon. Five kilos in the evening. Then jaggery and palmyra palm leaves. If there is a fight, Vijay won't eat the food. The caretakers Vipin, Ajith and Adarsh ​​have been given accommodation nearby. Ramakrishna Guptan retired from the Panchayat Department in 1995 and Parukutty from Sreekrishnapuram Higher Secondary School in 2001.

The couple first saw Vijay in an album of their elder son Kochu Narayan's elephant trader friend. Then in 2001, Ramakrishna came to Andaman with 25,000 rupees to buy the baby elephant. The elephant and the baby were in Little Andaman Island. He gave them 2000 as an advance and returned it. He returned in October and acquired the baby elephant for four lakh rupees. Vijay was brought to Chennai after a five-day ship journey. Then reached Sreekrishnapuram by lorry. The total cost is five and a quarter lakhs.

Vijay was taken to 'Anatharavad' in Sreekrishnapuram. After learning the language and rules there, he was moved to their home. Sreekrishnapuram was added to the name. Including the salary of the caretakers, the monthly expenditure is one and a quarter lakh rupees. They rely on pension and festival income. During the Covid period, he was taken care of by withdrawing all his deposits in the bank and post office and pawning their jewellery. Rama, Rajesh and Ramesh are the other children of Parukutty and Ramakrishna Gupta.

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