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Wednesday, 22 May 2024 12.46 PM IST

Waterlogging must be solved


Most of the urban areas in the state are in such a state that even a small amount of rain creates waterlogged areas. The capital city was different in nature once. There were plenty of streams, empty fields and wetlands for easy drainage. As the city grew, these facilities disappeared. A little rain will make city life miserable now. All the roads will be flooded.

Rainy season brings unending misery to pedestrians besides those travelling in vehicles. The suffering and hardships of those living in the low-lying areas cannot be overstated. The living conditions in these areas are so bad. People have to swim waist-deep in the sewage to reach the houses. Children who go to school and ordinary people who have to go out for various activities are affected most by the rain.

Heavy rains that have been continuing for three to four days have left many areas of Thiruvananthapuram district inundated along with other parts of the state. As the rivers began to overflow, people living on both banks are under threat of flooding. There has also been widespread crop damage. If during Onam the crops were dried up due to the scorching heat, the situation is the opposite now. Agricultural land is under the water. The loss is still being calculated. Fishermen's families are suffering as the sea remains rough. They are also waiting for the sky to clear as fishing is prohibited.

The same is the case with daily wage earners who do manual labour. Incessant rain affected all the works. The month of Karkadakam was generally considered to be a lean period. However, rain is pouring down now in the month of Kanni and normal life has come to a standstill leaving many families in misery. Along with the rains, the flood threat is also fueled by the frequent release of water from small dams. As the storage capacity of the dams has reduced greatly due to sand, clay and silt, a little rain is enough to fill the dams. The revenue department should take steps to provide immediate assistance to the families who have suffered damages in the rains. Many of those people whose homes have been damaged will not be able to repair them on their own. Priority should be given to those belonging to this category while sanctioning financial assistance.

The structure of city roads invites waterlogging. Many roads are not structured in such a way that water can drain away easily. Roads become waterlogged during any rains as drainage systems become unusable due to silt and dirt. The crisis will worsen as road maintenance does not happen systematically. It is the negligence of those who are appointed to foresee this and take remedial measures that regularly bring disaster to the people.

Adequate measures are not being taken to reduce the suffering of those who have to live in flooded areas. As the misery ends with the rains, the authorities do not take such problems seriously. People also remember the misery they have to go through when the rains get more intense. The government and the local bodies should think of doing something to overcome the bi-annual challenges of monsoons. People are paying various types of taxes without hesitation hoping for a solution to this as well.

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