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Sunday, 25 February 2024 4.56 AM IST

Rape of five-year-old in Aluva; Punishment to be announced on Children's day


ALUVA: Asafaq Alam, the accused in the case of killing a five-year-old daughter of migrant workers will be sentenced on November 14, Children's Day. Today, the prosecution reiterated that the accused should be given the maximum penalty of death. The prosecution pointed out that the manner in which the accused executed the crime was the rarest of the rare and that after the rape, he dumped the body in a stinking garbage dump.

He had molested another child in Delhi earlier. The prosecution argued that the accused did not deserve any punishment less than death. The accused repeated in court that he had not committed the crime. Out of the 16 offenses against the accused, there will be no punishment in three sections which are general in nature. Punishment will be imposed in 13 sections as similar sections have higher punishments.

The defendant asked that the report given by the government after examining the mental condition of the accused should not be accepted. The defense counsel told the court that the independent agency should examine the mental state of the accused and look at the age of the accused as a possibility for him to repent. Asfaq Alam is 27 years old.

Even when the hearing resumed in the afternoon, the prosecution took a strong stand against the accused. This crime has eliminated the opportunity for children to grow up to be children. Every mother is terrified after this incident. By doing this, the defendant eliminated the situation where the children had to go out of the house and interact with others. What will be the social responsibility of a child who grows up locked up at home? The father shot dead the accused in the case of raping and killing his daughter in Mancheri because the accused was not properly punished. The prosecution also argued that not giving the maximum punishment for the crime would send a wrong message to society.

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