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Thursday, 22 February 2024 2.50 AM IST

CPO Arya deserves to be honored


We hear more and more about the merciless behavior of the police daily. However, their approach with compassion and humanity rarely makes the news. Last day Ernakulam lady constable Arya became the news of the entire state in the name of her motherly love. The world of mothery love will certainly hold this young lady close to their heart for the pious work that came from Arya.

A woman from Bihar, who was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital with heart disease, was accompanied by her four young children. The youngest child was four months old. The authorities sought the help of the police as they did not know what to do about the baby who was crying and clinging to the mother who was suffering from chest pain in the hospital bed. The mother suffering from heart disease can be transferred to the ICU only after giving custody of the children to someone. After getting the information, a police team from the women's station immediately reached the hospital.

The problem started when the children were brought to the station. The baby who was crying non-stop was breaking everyone's heart. While the policewomen did not know what to do, a civil police constable named Arya picked up the baby and fed the baby her breast milk. The baby, who was full after drinking breast milk, stopped crying. The police team later put the four children under the care of Sishu Bhavan. Locals who witnessed the rare moments of motherhood and heard the news did not hesitate to praise Arya's motherly love. Arya, a native of Vaikom, had returned to duty after her maternity leave just a few months back. It didn't take Arya a lot of time to realize that the Bihar woman's baby was crying because of hunger. It is the instinct of a mother's mind.

In general, the society's attitude towards the police force is not so positive. However, any humanitarian action from them is accepted by the society with open arms. They will be the first to be called for help in times of danger. Since the police force is also a part of the society itself, heartless and violent people are also seen among them. It is everyone's wish that the police force should be transformed into true public servants. However, it is in the interest of any government to keep them only as a force to maintain law and order and deal with criminals. The training given to the police force is also suitable for it.

Members of the police force who do good work are always the glory bearers of the force. The police and the government have a responsibility to respect and encourage them. When such people are publicly honored, it inspires others. Police chiefs should come forward to honor Ernakulam CPO Arya in a befitting manner.

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