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Wednesday, 21 February 2024 3.42 AM IST

Crucial turning point in Oyoor kidnapping case, one woman is a victim of recruiting scam


KOLLAM: A crucial turning point in the case of kidnapping a six-year-old girl in Oyoor. The police received crucial information that a woman in the group was a nursing care taker and that she was a victim of a recruiting scam. The investigation reached to this woman based on the sketch released the other day. The police believe that the kidnapping was planned and carried out in collaboration with some individuals who are victims of such scams due to loss of money. However, no confirmation has been received in this regard.

The police had earlier come to the conclusion that hostility towards Reji’s father was behind the kidnapping. In a search at the flat where Reji lived in Pathanamthitta, a mobile phone was found in a suspicious manner. He did not divulge anything about the phone even after asked several times. His bank transactions are also being examined. It is also suspected that Reji, who was the leader of the nursing organization, was involved in recruiting nurses abroad. Reji's statement will be taken to clarify this. He has been directed to appear at the Kollam Rural SP office. Information about the mobile phone seized from the flat in Pathanamthitta will be received today. With this, the investigation is expected to reach an important stage.

Meantime, a native of Chirakkara, suspected to have rented out his car, has been taken into custody. He is being interrogated. There is a major conspiracy behind the kidnap. The car in which the accused travelled had multiple fake number plates. The vehicle was driven on the same route with multiple number plates.

Meanwhile, Reji responded that there is a false campaign against him in the kidnapping case. ‘Despite all this time since they left the child in the Ashramam Grounds, the investigation team is targeting me without arresting the real culprits. This is really painful. The investigation in the case is progressing well. It should absolutely go that way. A lot of fake news is coming at this stage. I have cooperated with the investigation so far and will continue it. Fake news is also spreading in connection with nursing recruitment, OET exam and financial transactions etc. Any document or bank account can be verified. Was summoned to the SP office on November 27 midnight. Returned at 3 in the morning. Later took me to the Pooyapally station. Wherever was called in connection with the case, have cooperated to the best of my ability. The police have asked me to appear again today. I am ready to accept the punishment given if an allegation of one rupee against me is proved. I don't own any flat in Pathanamthitta. I am staying in the quarters given by the hospital management where I work,’ said Reji.

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