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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 10.28 PM IST

Will not listen to those whose warranty has ended; Modi 3.0 development guarantee


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated in the Rajya Sabha that his government will come to power for the third time in the coming elections. People are calling it 'Modi 3.0'. Modi 3.0 will use all the power to create 'Viksit Bharat'. The country will not listen to those whose warranty has ended. It will trust those who have given the guarantee and won. In response to the vote of thanks to the President's speech, Modi also described the developments that the country is going to achieve.

India will become a major tourist destination in five years. Maximum employment will be provided in tourism sector. India will play a pivotal role in the world of digital economy. Our astronauts will amaze the world. The sports world will recognize the strength of Indian youth. The country will see bullet trains. India will make remarkable progress in the semiconductors sector and become a leader in the field of electronics. Millets produced by small-scale farmers will be made available in the world market. Drones will empower farmers. Animal husbandry and fish farming will increase. We will create records.

Congress promoted terrorism

Modi also made a serious allegation that the Congress has no right to speak about national security and that they have promoted terrorism and separatism for their own profit. The Congress and its leaders were severely attacked.

Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi, Modi said, "They have made a start-up for their 'Yuvraj'. But he is a non-starter, he neither lifts nor launches."

Modi also used Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's words that the Congress would not win more than 40 seats. "I pray that they get at least 40 seats. Congress had to stay out because of what it did to the people. If one rupee was announced in Delhi, only 12 paise reached the people. Congress did not improve the economy. There was a freeze on policies. Colonial slavery attitude set the country back. For many years the budget continued to be presented at 5 pm when the British Parliament met."

Modi also alleged that Jawaharlal Nehru believed that OBC reservation would undermine the quality of government jobs and PSUs like BSNL were destroyed during the Congress period. The Prime Minister told the agitating Congress members that his voice cannot be suppressed and his is a voice strengthened by the people.

Suresh's South Indian reference

Modi termed Karnataka MP DK Suresh's statement that South Indian states will have to become a separate country if central neglect continues, as unfortunate. If one organ does not work, the whole body becomes disabled. This kind of thinking from the National Party is unfortunate. Competitive cooperative federalism is needed. There should be healthy competition between states. The nation can be developed only through the development of the states, said the Prime Minister.

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