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Friday, 23 February 2024 2.32 AM IST

'I myself felt like inviting Premachandran MP for tea party, no surprise PM did it', says Joy Mathew


Actor and director Joy Mathew took to Facebook to criticize the outburst from left supporters against NK Premachandran MP's attendance at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's tea party. Mathew highlights Premachandran's reputation as an outstanding parliamentarian and says even he wanted to invite him for tea. He takes a dig at CPM supporters, labelling them as intolerant. Joy Mathew's Facebook post has ignited debate on political alliances.

Facebook post (roughly translated)

"Embodiments of intolerance

I believe it's every citizen's duty to accept an invitation from the Prime Minister. However, Premachandran faced backlash from party loyalists who epitomize intolerance. These loyalists see no issue in inviting the Governor, a Modi government spokesperson, to the Chief Minister's house for various occasions. It's regrettable that even basic courtesies, like inviting Alphonse Kannanthanam, a Union Minister, to the Chief Minister's house for tea, have been forgotten. Despite agreeing that we should emulate those who engage respectfully with the Prime Minister, it's astonishing to see the fervor with which these loyalists attack Premachandran. However, none of them criticize Elamaram Karim, a revolutionary leader for participating in a saffron-covered platform of the BMS. Until the party learns to differentiate between politeness and political dissent they will remain the epitome of intolerance."

Congress has expressed support for MP Premachandran's recent attendance at a tea party with KPCC President K Sudhakaran and opposition leader VD Satheesan stating that there was nothing wrong with his participation. They questioned why media scrutiny was absent when Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan attended similar events and even bowed before the Prime Minister. Speaking at a press conference in Kannur during the Samaragni yathra, they highlighted the bipartisan nature of political engagements, citing instances where opposition leaders and MLAs participated in meetings called by the Chief Minister. Satheesan clarified that Premachandran had received an invitation from the Prime Minister's Office asserting that the controversy surrounding his attendance was manufactured by the CPM for political gain, akin to the BJP's tactics of communal polarization. Emphasizing Premachandran's stature as an esteemed parliamentarian and representative, they deemed his interaction with the Prime Minister as unproblematic. However, they reiterated their disagreement with the CPM's stance. The controversy underscores the political dynamics in Kerala, where interactions between opposition figures and the ruling party are scrutinized amidst ongoing polarization efforts.

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