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Wednesday, 17 April 2024 6.01 PM IST

Urgent reforms needed; Addressing state's nursing education


Majority of the Keralites who migrate abroad for better jobs are nursing graduates. Of the more than 8,500 B.Sc nurses who pass out every year from the state, more than 75 percent are targeted for Europe and the Gulf countries. This is because of the guaranteed job opportunities and high salary rates for nursing graduates. Naturally, the demand for B.Sc nursing courses will increase in the country. Two years ago, the central government introduced the entrance examination system for the B.Sc nursing course in the country. However, some states including Kerala have not adopted this yet. It is alleged that the government is stalling in this matter due to severe pressure from some private managements who charge lakhs per head for entry. Kerala Kaumudi had released the news that the state which had taken the exemption for the last two years citing different reasons is going to repeat the same way this year.

In the state, LBS, a government agency invites applications for B.Sc nursing admissions publishes rank lists and conducts allotment. They can also entrust themselves with the responsibility of conducting the entrance examination. Another way is to entrust the responsibility to the State Entrance Commissioner himself. The Entrance Commissioner has informed the government that due to the increased workload, he is unable to carry out this work at the moment. The state has opted out of the nursing entrance exam for the last two years citing a delay in finding an agency to conduct the entrance. If we go again with the same reasoning, the Indian Nursing Council and the Central Government may listen. If so, the admissions process may be prolonged or at an impasse.

Central directive to the states is to complete the examination process before June 15 this year. Classes should start on August 1. No admissions shall be made after September 30. That means only four months are left to prepare for the entrance by identifying the agency for conducting the exam, fixing the syllabus and criteria and obtaining approval from the nursing council. Colleges, students, and parents naturally have various doubts and concerns as there is no arrangement for a nursing entrance exam yet. All such matters should be cleared to conduct the examination in such a way that it does not lead to objections. Four months is a long time. Despite all this, we cannot even decide which agency to conduct the exam.

Many private colleges charge between four and five lakh rupees as admission fees from students. It is also reported that last year up to eight lakh was taken from some latecomers. All this prepares the parents for excellent job openings abroad after graduation. Concerned about reforms and quality in the higher education sector and preparing for the changes, the state government should not delay the implementation of B.Sc nursing Entrance.

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