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Wednesday, 24 April 2024 11.32 AM IST

Karate trainer turns into sex offender, girl found dead in river with POCSO case about to be filed


KONDOTTY: Family of a girl who died by drowning in Chaliyar River has filed a complaint against her karate instructor. The 17-year-old girl was found drowned when a POCSO case was about to be filed against the instructor.

The girl went missing on Tuesday around 6 pm. By 8 pm, the dead body was lying in a shallow part of the Chaliyar river. There was no dress on the upper part of the body. A shoe was also found with the body. The family said that the girl would not commit suicide and had decided to file a case against the coach. The girl is a plus one student of a school near Kozhikode Medical College. The information about the harassment was revealed during the counseling at the school. The school authorities informed the Kozhikode child welfare authorities. Then the complaint was handed over to the Vazhakad police. The statement was changed as the girl was not in a condition to speak at that time. There are currently two POCSO cases against the accused karate trainer. There are about 30 children in different batches in karate training at his house in Urkkadav. The girl, who passed class 10 with excellent marks, has not attended school for two weeks due to mental difficulties. The girl's sisters said the coach was initially evasive when asked about the molestation, but later admitted his wrongdoing. The girl's father is a teacher and is from a financially strong family. The deceased girl is the youngest of three girls. Vazhakad station house officer Rajan Babu said that according to the preliminary information in the post-mortem report, no evidence of sexual assault was found at the time of death and the complaint is being investigated.

Everything must be submitted to the Guru!

The girl joined karate in eighth grade. The girl's sister said that the coach had been sexually harassing the girl for three years and they came to know about it too late. On September 15, the girl was in severe mental distress after being abused again. The other girls in the karate class were also abused by making them believe that it was part of karate lessons. Children will be made to believe that he is Guru and God and should surrender body and mind for Guru's satisfaction. He is used to say that Guru can know his students only by placing his hand on your chest. Those who join the class are small children. He used to get on the body of girls by claiming it's 'relaxation work'. He used to allegedly caress and publicly kissing on their lips. The aim was to mislead the children that all these things are normal, the sisters said.

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