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Wednesday, 24 April 2024 8.58 AM IST

When communalism seeps into education


Certain lobbies try to make communal reservation a controversial issue all the time. They had initially said that there should be no reservation under any circumstances. Later they changed the opinion and started saying that we also want reservation. In India, the benefit of reservation has now started to be given to the economically backward upper caste communities as well. Those who stood against reservation initially said that if reservation continues, the standard of science, technology and academic fields will decrease. Time has proven this wrong. Not only will no one be left behind because of caste if they get proper educational opportunities; It is becoming evident that the quality of all sectors will increase.

Backward communities were able to enter the higher courts and heads of government because of the benefits of reservation. So no one can say that any scene is less effective. Reservation was included in the Constitution because the constitutional experts realized that the people who were denied education, government jobs etc. for centuries needed some hand to rise. Post-independence reservation was introduced to open up new opportunities for the backward and Dalit communities as an atonement for historical injustice.

Three-quarters of a century after reservation came into force, the majority of high-ranking officials still running the administration of India are from upper caste communities. The position of the High Courts and other constitutional institutions is no different. This points to the fact that reservation for backward, Dalit and minority groups should continue without any reduction. But it is difficult for those who still hold the old madambi attitude to accept this. Those who hold such attitude will constantly try to throw light on the communal reservation and subvert the reservation if it is fulfilled.

It must be assumed that such people are not less in SCERT under the state public education department. It is written that communal reservation is a danger in Plus One textbook. The solution to this is financial reservation and it is said in the textbook on the subject of social work in the humanities group of the plus one state syllabus. We have published the main story written by K Prasannakumar pointing out this error under the heading Illegal reference in Plus One book. This is a compulsory subject for students who have taken Social Work as an optional subject in the Humanities group.

The lesson first describes the consequences of communalism. It says that social cohesion will be damaged due to communalism and communal organizations will be a threat to socio-cultural development. It also mentions eight remedial measures to control communal menace. The fifth is to replace communal reservation with economic reservation. As soon as this was noticed, Education Minister V. Shivankutty's response is welcome. At first glance, you will understand that this is not an error. This is deliberately planted by feudal-minded 'experts' to inject poison into the minds of children. If those responsible are still in SECERT, the Education Department should make a concerted effort to expel them.

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