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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 2.15 PM IST

'Manjummel Boys bravely rescued their friend, but my brother...'; director Shaji Kailas pens emotional note


After the triumphant success of the 2021 movie, ‘Jan. E. Man’, director Chidambaram S Poduval returned back to the silver screen with a much-awaited movie ‘Manjummel Boys’. The release of the movie proved that the good auspices are here to stay with Chidambaram, as the film is slowly turning into a blockbuster than his previous work.

Amidst the good times, a Facebook post shared by director Shaji Kailas congratulating the film and the crew is gaining attention. Shaji Kailas noted that the film brought back thoughts about his elder brother who died in an accident while returning from a leisure trip.

Shaji Kailas:

It was during my tenth standard that this incident happened. Out of nowhere, I saw some people reaching my house and discreetly having a conversation with my father. Later, my father went along with them. Something was definitely out of place and the whole mood of the house revealed it in clear terms.

By night, a small crowd formed in front of my house. This swelled into a bigger crowd and at last, I saw my father walking to our house accompanied by a few people. Upon reaching the house, he tightly hugged me and broke into tears. This was my first experience watching my father cry. I didn’t know what made him emotional, but the sight of my father crying left me uncontrollable and I joined him in tears.

It was only later that I came to know about the whole incident. My beloved brother who went to Agastyaarkoodam with his friends slipped from a hilltop and fell into a dam. Eight of his friends tried all desperate measures to help him out. However, all my father’s dreams were shattered after news reached him about the death. In no time, a sombre climate enveloped my house.

Only those who have experienced it know how terrible is the pain of losing their loved ones. Manjummal Boys made me feel the depth of that pain once again. Its brilliant crew has proved that cinema is also an art of experience.

For the audience, the movie is not just a visual treat but also a direct experience. I saw the entire audience giving a standing applause when the movie finished. Even I was part of it but the difference was that I clapped with teary eyes.

Manjummal Boys managed to save their friend and it aches that my brother’s friends failed to save him despite all efforts.

Don't know how to appreciate the crew of Manjummal Boys. Such a good movie. Let your movies continue to breathe life and bring tears to many.

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