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Sunday, 21 April 2024 10.55 AM IST

'Aren't these all human beings, how could this atrocity be done to a child who is studying with them?', SFI leader's speechless in front of Siddharth's father


NEDUMANGAD: "Horrific beating without giving a drop of water in the hostel room for three days. Aren't these all human beings, how could this atrocity be done to a child who is studying with them?" Siddharth's father, Jayaprakash, a native of Nedumangad Kurakkode, asked with tears in his eyes in front of SFI state president Anushree who came home. "Couldn't finish reading the first part of the post-mortem report. My son was brutally tortured to death and hanged under the leadership of SFI unit secretary. I have received video footage of this. It was not released to the press at the request of the investigating officer.

Had he been willing to join SFI we would not have lost him. Fearing threats, his best friends and roommates joined SFI. Stripped in front of them, legs were wrapped with electric wire and beaten with a belt ...

The main accused is Sincho, a senior student who leads drug use and immoral activities on the campus. He is the in-charge of SFI unit. Sincho had a bitter grudge against Siddharth who excelled in studies, photography, and organization. Sincho and his friends could not tolerate senior girls dancing with him on Valentine's Day. Following the death, 12 people including Sincho were suspended from the college. However, not a single one of them is on the charge sheet. There is higher intervention behind this. The case should be honestly investigated, and all the culprits should be brought before the law" - the student leaders had no answer to Jayaprakash's words.

Siddharth's mother Sheeba did not say a single word to the SFI state president who came to console her. Anushree, along with SFI central committee member Hasan Mubarak, district secretary Adarsh SK and district president Nandan reached Siddharth's house yesterday afternoon.

State President Anushree told Kerala Kaumudi that the SFI has expelled the activists responsible for Siddharth's death. The incident is being investigated in detail. Criminals will not be spared under any circumstances.

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