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Sunday, 21 April 2024 10.49 AM IST

'Instructions' from in-laws to give birth to baby boy; Young woman on mental abuse


KOCHI: A woman from Kollam, who filed a petition in the High Court in this regard, disclosed that her in-laws, who had given her a note on the day of her wedding with instructions to have a baby boy, tortured her mentally after the birth of a baby girl. The note was given by the husband. The young woman told 'Kerala Kaumudi' that she had to face an incomparable mental anguish.

After the baby girl was born, her husband and family isolated her. The daughter is now ten years old. Divorce has also been filed in the family court. The High Court was approached after complaining to the Director of Prenatal Diagnostic Division and Additional Director of Family Welfare Department seeking action against the husband and his family, but no action was taken. A forensic examination later revealed that the note was written by the husband.

The young woman talks about the mental abuse she suffered: I married a native of Muvattupuzha in April 2012, whom she found through online matrimony. On the day of the wedding, husband's mother said that girl child is a liability and she will have to go to another house when she grows up. I did not object to the note given by father-in-law suggesting 'instructions' to give birth to a boy as I had to go to London soon with my husband. Before the journey, the things in the note were recalled. He gave something in two bottles. Recommended to consume it during pregnancy. Everything was with the knowledge of the husband.

Returned home in 2014 when I became pregnant. Gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in Kottiyam. After that, the husband and family came to see the baby only once. When I went to London with five-month-old baby, husband did not provide adequate accommodation. When she was worried about this, she was sent back home. 'I'm moving on with my life, so can you,' the husband later e-mailed. He refused to meet the baby even through video calls.

The daughter is now in Kollam under the care of my parents. In between, I worked at Technopark. The complaint was filed with the husband's note to strengthen my argument in the family court.

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