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Sunday, 19 May 2024 8.44 PM IST

Angamaly-Erumeli Sabari Patha: Kerala without decision because of Railways demand for contract


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The reason why Kerala is reluctant to pay half the cost of the Angamaly-Erumeli Sabari railway is because of having to sign an agreement with the railways. If the share is not paid correctly after signing the agreement, the central share for Kerala will be reduced. Railways is also asking for a Reserve Bank guarantee. Kerala should make an agreement the central share given through the bank can be reduced.

Kerala is already in a big crisis due to the decrease in central allocation. A legal battle is also being waged. Kerala is not ready to face a new entanglement.

The Railways wants Kerala to bear half of the Rs 3,800.93 crore cost of constructing the railway. Now they are asking for a letter of agreement, but at the next stage, Kerala will have to sign an agreement.

If Kerala does not agree to share the cost, the 100 crore allocated in the central budget for Sabari patha will be wasted. Only after receiving the letter will Railways cancel the order of 2019 which froze the project and start land acquisition. Not all projects require 50% of the cost. Railways will bear the entire cost of track doubling. 50% cost is asked for only in unprofitable projects

Many states did not keep their word

Railways made it a condition that an agreement should be made to pay the money because many states backed out after reaching an agreement to share the cost. Earlier it was enough to pay in stages but now it has to be paid in one lump sum. Reserve Bank's guarantee is to ensure that the money will be received. Three months have passed since the Railways demanded to bear half the cost, but the government has not taken a decision.

Of the Angamaly-Erumeli 111 km Sabaripath announced in the 1997 railway budget, the Angamaly-Kalady 7 km track and Periyar flyover have been constructed. 274 hectares of land should be acquired. 104 km track and 14 stations should be constructed

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