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Friday, 24 May 2024 1.37 PM IST

Hashim deliberately caused accident to kill Anuja, confirms motor vehicle department


PATHANAMTHITTA: The motor vehicle department (MVD) cleared the mystery in connection with the death of a teacher and her friend in a vehicle accident in Adoor. The probe by the MVD said the speeding car rammed into the lorry. Reports said that both were not wearing seat belts and the crash barrier installed illegally on the lorry added to the depth of the accident. The report will be handed over to the transport commissioner today itself. Although the police conducted an investigation, it was not clear whether the accident was intentional.

Thumpamon North Higher Secondary School teacher Anuja Raveendran (37) of Susheendram house, Nooranad Mattappalli and Hashim (31), a private bus driver of Charummood Hashim Villa, died in an accident Friday early morning. The car, which was speeding in the wrong direction, rammed into the lorry going from Adoor to Pathanapuram. Both died on the spot itself. Some had testified that minutes before the accident, the left side door of the car opened thrice and a leg was seen out. It is suspected that there may have been a ruckus in the car and Anuja may have opened the door to escape when she was sure that her life would be in danger. It is believed that Anuja and Hashim have been in a relationship for quite some time.

When Anuja was returning from a school excursion, Hashim blocked the vehicle and forcefully took her with him in his car. Anuja introduced Hashim as her relative Vishnu before leaving with him in his car. Hashim then drove the car at high speed. When the teachers called Anuja on the phone, she hung up crying. She didn't pick up their calls after that. Following this, teachers called Anuja's house and informed her father and husband about the matter. That was when they realised Anuja did not have a relative named Vishnu. When the teachers called her again, Anuja answered the call and said that she was safe. The teachers later went to the Adoor police station and lodged a complaint.

In the meantime, Anuja's father and brother reached the police station. After some time, the police received information that the car driven by Hashim collided with a container lorry. According to witnesses, the car was moving at a very high speed. Both Anuja and Hashim were pulled out by cutting the car to pieces with the help of the fire brigade and locals. The family did not know about Anuja's relationship with Hashim. Hashim had been living separately from his wife for three years.

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