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Tuesday, 16 April 2024 7.28 PM IST

Rs 1,03,11,055 as Uber auto bill; second incident in Bengaluru after Rs 7.66 crore bill in Noida; video


BENGALURU: Online taxi services have become very active in most of the cities of our country. Many people are using online taxi systems daily. The speciality of these services is that you can travel at a lower rate than normal taxi and auto services. However, commuters in Noida and Bengaluru have different experiences.
A man who travelled 10 kilometres in Bengaluru in an Uber auto got a bill of one crore rupees. It is alleged that Uber charged one crore rupees for a 10 km auto ride in the city. Sriraj Nilesh says he and his wife Manasa booked an autorickshaw using the app to go from the tin factory in KR Puram to Koramangala. Rs. 207 was fixed as the fare. However, when he reached the destination and scanned the QR code to pay, he received a bill of Rs 1,03,11,055.

Even the auto driver was shocked to see the bill. The passenger also says that Uber's customer care did not respond to the incident. A resident of Noida, who had travelled by Uber auto at a rate of Rs 62, had received a bill of Rs 7.66 crore the other day. The bill of 7 crore rupees came with a waiting charge and GST added. A passenger named Deepak Thenkuria was the one who got the bill of crores in Noida.

The incident was posted by another person on the social media site X. After the video went viral, Uber India responded. Uber said that they are sorry for the mistake and that would fix the problem.

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