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Sunday, 21 July 2024 12.00 PM IST

Lightning appointment for teachers; appointment of nurse Anitha in light of contempt of court case


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM/KOZHIKODE: Four Malayalam teachers in Wayanad were appointed by the government within hours after the Supreme Court issued a stern warning for not complying with the order to appoint them.

General Education Principal Secretary Rani George, who was specifically mentioned by the court as she will have to face a jail sentence, issued an appointment order dated Friday to the four people who went for a legal battle. The government order to Wayanad Deputy Director of Education is to appoint P Avinash, PR Rali, EV Johnson and M Shima to the post of HST (Malayalam). The appointment order will be presented to the Supreme Court through a lawyer.

Health Principal Secretary Muhammad Haneesh also issued an order allowing Senior Nursing Officer PB Anitha, who was transferred to Idukki for standing by the victim in the Kozhikode Medical College ICU abuse case, to be posted in Kozhikode as per the order of the High Court. The order was passed yesterday while the contempt petition filed by Anitha is to be considered tomorrow. The director of medical education should take further action. Anitha was protesting in front of the medical college with the high court order in her hand for five days. The victim had also joined the strike on Friday.

On Friday, the government had filed a review petition with the weak argument that people more deserving than Anitha had asked for transfer.

The government changed its position overnight and gave permission for Anitha's appointment when it was realized that the High Court would criticize the government in the contempt of court case in the context of the tough stance of the Supreme Court. The government also faced a setback when the victim joined the strike. Yesterday, the victim protested with blindfolded eyes asking the health minister to open her eyes.

On March 18, 2023, the attendant Saseendran molested the woman who was admitted to the ICU after thyroid surgery. The victim approached the health department saying that five employees of the hospital had threatened her to withdraw the complaint. It was Anitha who reported who those five people were.

Supreme Court tightened its grip

All four candidates in the 2017 teacher rank list were denied the appointment on the grounds that there was no vacancy. In October 2023, the Supreme Court ordered that the appointment should be made within one month. Even after the revision petition against this was dismissed, the appointment was not made. Later, when a contempt petition was filed, the Supreme Court issued a warning that the principal secretary would be sent to jail and an order to appoint them by April 10.

"I welcome the government's decision. I will stop the strike once I get the appointment order.'

-P.B. Anitha

"There was only a natural delay in checking the court order. The appointment will be based on the court order.'

- Veena George, Minister of Health

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