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Thursday, 23 May 2024 11.44 AM IST

Many private schools in Kerala will close operations soon; know why


Albeit the country witnessing progress in every field, some archaic notions are yet to see transformation. Even in these times, parents and teachers eye only on the academic success of their children, but are not ready to spare some thought into their mandatory physical fitness and personality development. Sadly, for most parents and teachers, school is just a big block made up of books, and the children must dedicate their whole to perform best in exams.

The Kerala High Court's order to close down schools that do not provide playgrounds is an eye-opener for those who still regale in this misconception. The court directed the government to issue guidelines within four months after determining the area of ​​playground required for each category of school.

The remarkable order of the High Court is in the petition filed by the PTA questioning the decision of the District Panchayat to construct a water tank in the Pathanamthitta Thuvayur Govt LP school ground. Although the parties informed the court that the project was abandoned, the court ordered the government to teach the importance of playgrounds in schools.

At present, even though the Education Act stipulates that schools should have playgrounds, it has hitherto not mentioned the total area required for playgrounds. It was this anomaly that caught the attention of the court. A new guideline should be prepared and submitted to the court within four months.

Justice P V Kunhikrishnan termed playgrounds as the ultimate classroom.

Playgrounds can help many children drop their reclusive traits and can boost morale to be more social among friends and others. Games also help students to relieve stress and will help in their psychological balance. It is this test of physical adroitness and relief that will play a vital in the teen years of anyone’s life and will also contribute to wellness in later years.

Hasn’t anyone thought about why the students who excel academically often stumble on the test of life? This paradox is a result of continuous pressure piled on students by parents who want their little ones to just eat books day and night. Like math games aimed at ensuring children's brain development and intellectual ability, due importance should also be given to athletic games.

It is the parents who should decide whether they want ‘human machines’ at home that ensure academic success rather than healthy students with a mentality to rise back and put up a fight even if life turns upside down. Let’s decide!

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