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Thursday, 23 May 2024 12.06 PM IST

Three beautiful stories in Civil Service Exam


The All India Civil Services Exam is not like any other competitive exam in the country. It has a natural dignity and a star value on top of that. Since people who secure high ranks in the civil service examination are the ones tasked with participating in India's governance process and determining the nation's future, the examination's dignity and star value are based on the social prestige accorded to them. When the civil service exam result was published the other day, Kerala had all the good reasons to hold its head high.

The achievement that there were seven Malayalis among the top 100 rank holders was equally impressive as the triumph of three candidates who persevered through arduous battles and refused to give up on life's obstacles. Seven Malayalees in the top 100 is Kerala's best score in the civil service examination in the last seven years. Among them, Siddharth Ramkumar, a native of Ernakulam, won the fourth rank. Siddharth, who was earlier selected for IPS, was so determined to join the IAS that he worked hard and prepared for the exam during his IPS training without even informing his family. However, the three Malayali rankholders who truly inspired Malayalis through their mental strength and determination are Parvathy Gopakumar from Ambalapuzha, Gokul Krishna from Amballur and AK Sharika from Keezhriyur, Kozhikode.

These three people achieved victory by fighting courageously against the physical disabilities caused by the cruelty of fate. Parvathy, who lost her right arm in an accident while travelling on a scooter with her father fourteen years ago, gave a fitting reply to fate by writing the exam with her left hand. Meanwhile, Parvathy also obtained her law degree from Bengaluru National Law School. Six years ago, Gokul Krishna was hit by a lorry from behind while riding a bike on the Kochi-Dhanushkodi National Highway and his left arm was completely paralyzed due to severe nerve damage. Gokul, who was about to give up his studies, climbed to the 895th rank in the civil service examination with the support of his teachers, friends and family.

On the other hand, AK Sharika overcame her limitations caused by the deadly disease of cerebral palsy and wrote the exam by placing a pen between the three fingers of her left hand. She reached Delhi for the interview in a wheelchair. How can one not bow down to these three survival tales that impart to future generations the lesson that those with unwavering courage will have no difficulties in achieving their goals? Their success stories impart great confidence to those who remain dejected saying the line "mere desire is not enough" in their minds. May their achievement give strength to all the children of the new generation.

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