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Saturday, 22 June 2024 12.15 PM IST

Shobana was 13 years old then; Menon sir threw away his tea and walked out after seeing her behaviour


Actress Shobana is widely regarded as the most favourite heroine of Malayalis. The actress has garnered so much love and affection from the audience through her performances. Four years ago, Shobana delivered yet another excellent performance through her comeback film 'Varane Aavashyamund'. Shobana made her film debut through the film 'April 18' directed by Balachandra Menon. She was just 13 years old when she acted in that film.

Now, veteran director Viji Thampi has opened up about Shobana's behaviour when she came to act in 'April 18'. Viji Thampi had worked as an assistant director in that film. While speaking in a program aired on a private channel, Viji Thampi explained how Shobana came into that film. He also revealed an incident where Balachandra Menon got angry with Shobana on the shooting set.

Viji Thampi's words
"'April 18' was Shobana's first film. Shobana came into that film through Sukumari chechi (late actress Sukumari). She was chechi's relative. I think Shobana was only 13 or 14 years old back then. She had that childish nature in her. In that film, she played the role of Balachandra Menon sir's wife and had to wear sarees. I believe that was the first time she wore a saree in her life," Viji Thampi said.

"Shobana did not know Malayalam. We used to write the Malayalam dialogues in English for her to learn. However, she did not show much interest in learning her lines. She used to draw well. One day, as we were preparing to shoot a scene involving Shobana and Balachandra Menon sir, I saw her drawing a picture behind a piece of paper in which her dialogues were written. I immediately warned her that Menon sir will get angry if he sees it," he said.

"Another day, we were shooting a scene in which Menon sir was going to a function with Shobana. As we were filming a shot where Menon sir helps Shobana to wear her saree, sir noticed that Shobana was not paying much attention to the instructions given to her. He got angry at this and he stormed away from the location after throwing away the biscuit and tea in his hand. It was one of the rarest occasions when I saw him getting angry. After that, Sukumari chechi called Shobana and made her realise the seriousness of the matter," Viji Thampi added.

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