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Saturday, 15 June 2024 4.08 PM IST

Pitroda's inane theories


It would hardly be considered a Freudian slip or a gaffe. Sam Pitroda, the chairman of the Indian overseas congress and the visionary telecommunication engineer has made it a habit to spurt inane analogies connecting India. His divisive words and ideas have all the necessary ingredients to trigger a riot in the country.

Sam Pitroda has never mastered the art of oratory, unlike the towering leaders of his time. Regardless of the intent of the speeches, Pitroda’s words are so vulnerable to be easily tweaked to adorn a derogatory taste. Elections are around the corner in India, and it would be silly to just give away the prospects over such inane comments.

The practice of blabbering whatever crazy analogies when given a mic has turned out to be the newfound pastime of many erstwhile leaders. Sam Pitroda, the mentor to Rahul Gandhi, made the statements while elucidating India’s diversity on a podcast series. The disparaging remarks triggered national outrage. In an interview with The Statesman newspaper, Pitroda described India as a "... diverse country... where people on the East look like Chinese, people on the West look like Arab, people on the North look like maybe White and people in the South look like Africa’.

The internet behind the bizarre classification is still unknown. However, it is such eerie statements during elections that have resulted in Congress diminishing from the Indian political scenario. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacted strongly to Sam Pitroda's remarks. The Prime Minister said that Pitroda's remarks insulted many people in the country based on colour. 'I can forgive it if it is pointed at me, but such remarks against my people will not be accepted. We are all worshipers of Krishna. Those who carry the Constitution are insulting the people based on colour. I am very angry today because of this,' Modi said while speaking in Warangal, Telangana.

Pitroda is the architect who laid the foundation stone for the boom in the field of telecommunication in India. Pitroda could have talked all day about the nuances and the scopes of technological advancement that are pertinent to India’s success. However, he went on to elucidate India's traditions, culture, and diversity, all the while being settled in a foreign country.

Pitroda's comment on inheritance tax last month was also controversial. At that time, the Congress dismissed it as Pitroda's personal opinion. However, this time, the party disassociated from all such comments made by the veteran leader. It would be helpful for Congress if Pitroda continues to spew such inane theories to party leaders but not to any public platforms.

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