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Saturday, 20 July 2024 7.12 AM IST

Backlash for expats? Massive employment sector overhaul looms in UAE


ABU DHABI: Heading to the Gulf in search of work has been a longstanding tradition in Kerala. Many Malayalis have been working in the UAE for years, constituting a significant expatriate community. Numerous youths in our region aspire to study and work in the UAE. However, labour experts in the UAE caution that there may be significant hurdles ahead for this dream.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as one of the most pervasive technologies in today's world. From smartphones to computers, from Facebook to Spotify, nearly everything we use is powered by AI. Career experts emphasize that job prospects hinge on individuals' proficiency in utilizing AI technology.

Presently, over 40 percent of the global workforce is intertwined with AI, with developed countries surpassing 60 percent. This trend is underpinned by enhanced productivity and profitability facilitated by AI. The assessments of labour experts are framed within the context of the Dubai Universal Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence project, aimed at exploring the potentials of AI technology. This initiative will commence by appointing Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers in all government institutions in Dubai. Moreover, AI and Web3 incubators will be established, alongside the implementation of AI Week across educational institutions.

Experts underscore the necessity for organizations and workers to adapt to AI, as job opportunities will evolve over time. AI is poised to impact every realm of work with approximately 40 percent of jobs expected to be AI-related. Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, likened AI to a tsunami that will reshape the job market in the future.

Furthermore, experts anticipate a multitude of job opportunities within the AI field itself. Developers and data analysts are poised to encounter vast prospects. As technology advances, so too will the scope of work, inevitably altering the roles of workers.

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