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Friday, 24 May 2024 2.29 AM IST

'Avesham' times for gang criminals in Kerala


These days Kerala witness crazy stories coming from all quarters, that later fill the news headlines. The many ‘crazy stories’ appearing these days are concentrated on hooliganism and are giving signs of gang leaders working hard to bring back their 'jungle raj' in the state. Heinous crimes, bloodshed and hooliganism have already occupied the headlines in the state with murder turning into an everyday story.

These days, quotation gangs charge lakhs to sort out love breakups, family disputes and more. Common people are the victims of these crimes. The police are mute spectators and have little to do with curbing such gangsterism. People with the know-how about such incidents, won't dare to complain. Many gang leaders harbour great bonhomie with politicians and can evade the police threat in a canter. These have forced the common man to turn a blind eye to all such happenings.

Amidst this criminal reign comes another crazy story from Thrissur. A gang criminal who was released from jail arranged a rave party, similar to the lines of what is seen in the movie ‘Avesham’. The video of the same also went super viral on the internet. In Kuttur, the locals informed the police about the gathering of about 60 criminals in a field. The police arrived and witnessed the situation, but were shivering inside to confront the gang. In the best of decisions, the officials returned to the station, without caring about the party. However, the issue grabbed headlines only when the goon posted a reel on Instagram, and questions were raised about the cowering attitude shown by the often-praised police force.

Last week, Kerala Kaumudi reported about the inept attitude of police and the burgeoning cases of Gunda activities in the state. This bruised the department and immediate meetings were conducted to discern the rise of gunda actions in the state. The list of gangsters held by the police will be updated and habitual offenders will be included in the list. Those who get out of jail and commit violence again after serving their sentence will be deported under KAAPA or placed in pre-trial detention. The police department has decided to bring an effective system to follow up on the activities of criminals, who are released from jail.

All this needs to be implemented urgently. Apart from the police, politician honchos also need to stay away from such gang leaders and should not shield them in times of adversity. Police fear to act against such criminals due to the pandering these lots get from powerful politicians. Not only that, the force needs adequate manpower to maintain law and order.

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