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Thursday, 20 June 2024 8.57 AM IST

Rod change in fracture surgery in Kozhikode Medical College; Ortho dept head denies allegations


KOZHIKODE: Kozhikode Medical College Orthopaedics Department Head Dr Jacob Mathew stated that the allegation of changing the rod in the patient who suffered a fracture is completely baseless. He told the media that the standard treatment and surgery given to patients with such fractures were followed in this case. The 24-year-old Ajith, who suffered a fractured hand, was the subject of the accusation. Dr Jacob Mathew responded to this claim.

Chief Dr. Jacob Mathew, Head of the Orthopedic Department, said that the allegation that the wrong rod was used is baseless. The treatment and surgery given to patients with such fractures was done here. His arm was broken below the elbow and he underwent surgery and had a plate inserted.Another rod was inserted as the joint below this fracture became loose. The rod is inserted from the outside of the skin close to the bone for four weeks. This will be removed later and the original plate will be kept. The surgery was a success. This is evidenced by the x-rays of other patients who underwent surgery for this type of fracture this month.

Ajith was admitted to the Medical College Hospital following a car accident. The young man spent about a week in the hospital for surgery. The surgery was extended by a week despite the fact that there was a rupture. After the surgery, the young man was in severe pain. Ajith's mother said that the doctor mentioned the surgery could be done again at night. Ajith also clarified that the doctor got angry when he refused.

It is also alleged that another patient's rod was in Ajith's hand. The youth's mother said that the rod bought for the surgery was not used on her son. Ajith was given anaesthesia when the hand pain became unbearable. Ajith's mother claims that they bought surgical equipment worth Rs 3000, but the doctor did not use any of it. The medical college police have registered a case based on the complaint.

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