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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 9.27 PM IST

Adieu to legendary BRP


BRP aka Babu Rajendraprasad Bhaskar, was an impeccable journalist who carried the ethos even during his sunset years in office. He is considered to be one of the patriarchs of Indian media. BRP was a towering name in journalism along with the likes of Edatata Narayanan and Pothen Joseph. It is sometimes eulogised that a journalist is a witness and a valuable help through the historical stages of social progress. Journalists should be the beaming lights to unravel the miseries of the poorer sections and help them upend their lives. BRP Bhaskar was a beacon of hope for such people and aptly fits into this category.

He was born during the pre-independence era and had first witnessed the turbulence of the freedom struggle. He was also a keen observer of India’s progression in leaps and bounds during the early stages of independence. Later he witnessed the perks of globalization and the arrival of new technologies to the subcontinent.

Imbibing the culture of ‘independent thinking’ from his father, 'Nava Bharatam' editor AK Bhaskar, BRP embarked on a path of journalism from an early age. Despite having bylines in "The Hindu", Statesman, Patriot and Deccan Herald, BRP’s halcyon days came during his tenure with the news agency UNI. He was a meister in preparing news that had a great shelf life. Most of the Indian media during that time had to rely on UNI’s report to cover the pathbreaking news of ‘Man landing on the Moon’. This news was adeptly prepared by BRP whose reportage never failed to impress.

Facing much displeasure from the Jammu and Kashmir administration, he even faced an assassination attempt while serving as UNI's Bureau Chief in the state. After his formal retirement, he laid the foundation for running 'Asianet', the first satellite TV channel in Malayalam. During this time, the channel brought many national and international events into the limelight.

With his matchless skill in writing and understanding of global affairs, BRP helped Malayali audiences widen their imagination and seek new ways of life, departing from the archaic ways. He was the flag bearer of idealistic and value-based media work and did not give in to temptation. BRP should be the ideal to be emulated for anyone entering the media industry. He never cared one bit about what the elites in power would think about the story he was writing. Reports according to BRP had to be facts and nothing else.

The loss of BRP is painful and is devoid of replacement. At a time when journalists and media people regale in conceit over their contacts with high-profile ministers, BRP's loss weighs concern. People stepping into the journalist field would miss a mentor in BRP while Kerala Kaumudi also bereave the loss of one of our truest friends, columnist and mentor.

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