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Monday, 24 June 2024 2.28 AM IST

Suresh Gopi was Chief Minister in Janathipathyam; now he is Union Minister after 27 years


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A person who suddenly reaches politics from bureaucracy. His name, Ramadevan Nayanar. Holding a red flag, he walks up to the chief ministerial post. RD Nayanar aka Ramadevan Nayanar is the lead character in the movie 'Janathipathyam' directed by K Madhu. 27 years after the release of the film, Suresh Gopi who played Nayanar has walked into Union Ministership.

Suresh Gopi may not have even think about entering politics while acting in the film. It would not be correct to say that he was equally close to all party leaders. He was more fond of the communist movement. However, Suresh's history-changing advancement was through the Left's enemy, the BJP.

Janathipathyam's production executive Aroma Mohan called K Madhu today. "Anna, things happened almost like how it was in our movie...'' "I didn't even think that Suresh would enter politics. Now he is a Union Minister," replied Madhu.

Screenwriter AK Sajan said that the thought of making Sureshgopi a politician came when he was setting the screens on fire with his police roles. "Sureshgopi spoke about politics rarely back then. I remember Suresh Gopi wearing RD Nayanar's costume and talking about his love for EK Nayanar and VS Achuthanandan and extolling Karunakaran's administrative excellence."

Now I can call him "Eda Mantri"

Suresh Gopi will win only if he loses once. It will be a smashing win as well- says director Shaji Kailas, who made Suresh a superstar. "He was the same in movies. Suresh's position as Union Minister is God's reward to him for human love. Just seeing a man's story in the newspaper, he will take a car and go directly to help. That is Suresh. Meanwhile, when Suresh was an MP, I used to call him "Eda MP". Now I can call him "Eda Mantri". Before leaving for Delhi, Suresh called me from the airport. 'Pray for me....' he requested. I said that my prayer will be there all the time."

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