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Tuesday, 16 July 2024 9.03 AM IST

KG Abraham pledges jobs and higher education for relatives of disaster victims


KOCHI: KG Abraham said that the accident was unfortunate and that he was in Kerala when the fire broke out. KG Abraham is the owner of the NBTC group where fire accident happened in Kuwait and the managing director of the Kerala-based KGA group.

He was in Thiruvananthapuram at the time of the accident. All workers are treated like family members. Camps are regularly assessed for safety. People from many countries were in the camp. Everyone was seen as equal. His family members will visit the families of the disaster victims. They will be given all the support they need.

Some of the relatives of those who died in the tragedy demanded employment. They will be given jobs. Apologies for the tragedy. After hearing the incident, he was crying at home. Many of them have been working for us for over 25 years.

Taking responsibility even if the disaster is not our fault. They are our family. All workers had life insurance. Children of the deceased will be given assistance for higher education.

Short circuit is the cause of the accident. It was not due to negligence of the company. No one is allowed to cook in the room. Cooking is done in the kitchen. No case has been filed against the company yet. Accommodation and food in the camp were free. Three or four people lived in each room. The workers were not crowded.

120 people lived in the building. 70 people were there at the time of the accident. The building was not old. It was a new building with AC facility. The building was rented. Safety inspections were conducted every three months. KG Abraham said in a press conference that no compromise has been made in security.

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