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Saturday, 20 July 2024 2.45 PM IST

'Everything is delivered, including alcohol; Only air-conditioning left for prison,' says VD Satheesan


KOCHI: Leader of Opposition VD Satheesan has expressed strong concerns over the government's decision to grant concessions to the accused in the TP Chandrasekaran murder case. He described this move as a significant challenge to the conscience of Kerala. The government is making an unusual move to commute the sentences of three accused individuals: TK Rajish, Mohammad Shafi and Annan Sijith. Satheesan alleged that the government is attempting to release these three from jail by violating prison rules and a High Court verdict.

A report sent by the Jail Department to the Kannur City Police Commissioner has surfaced, revealing attempts to protect the criminals who were convicted for hacking TP Chandrasekaran 51 times. Questions raised by KK Rema in the Legislative Assembly regarding the parole of these criminals have gone unanswered for five months. Satheesan pointed out that all the accused had previously been on parole for 2,000 days.

He also criticized the five-star facilities provided to the accused in jail, claiming they receive all their favorite foods and drinks and have opportunities to engage in financial transactions and citations. Information has also emerged about threats to outsiders and the accused often spend time outside the jail.

Satheesan emphasized that trying to release these criminals is an affront to Kerala's values. He accused the CPM of protecting the brutal killers who murdered TP Chandrasekaran on party orders. Despite setbacks in elections, the CPM continues to make mistakes without learning or correcting them. Satheesan vowed that the opposition, along with the people of Kerala, would resist any attempt to grant immunity to these defendants.

He further accused the CPM of ongoing bomb-making activities, citing the death of an innocent elderly person in Kannur and the victimization of children and innocents. He noted that the CPM threatens individuals like Seena and her mother, who have spoken out against the fear of bombs, and called for police protection for Seena's family. Satheesan condemned the CPM as a party that protects criminals and vowed strong opposition to any amnesty for the accused in the TP murder case.

Satheesan also questioned the authority of the Jail Superintendent to grant commutation to the accused despite a High Court verdict against it. He criticized the CPM and the government for sending a message that they will not hesitate to protect criminals.

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