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Wednesday, 24 July 2024 11.29 PM IST

IT Conclave: A sign of changing times in Kerala


The International Generative AI Conclave organized by the state government today and tomorrow in Kochi in collaboration with IBM, the leading IT firm, will be a meaningful step towards realizing a knowledge-based economy. IT sector, start-up systems, industry leaders, investors and academicians are looking at this conclave with high expectations.

Even commoners, who cherish Kerala's industrial development potential and unique socio-economic empowerment will have a lot to take from this conclave. Let’s be hopeful that this initiative sheds light on a committed vision of using the amazing benefits of scientific and technological progress to renew and improve social life.

These are changing times with digital technology dominating the everyday life of citizens. It seems unbelievable that even Artificial intelligence and robotics are making their way into our homes. So the conclave comes at an acute time which will surely help utilize the technological advances to the betterment of society. Kerala Kaumudi has also been at the forefront of change, publishing a series of articles for the last five days, 'The New World of AI', to shed light on cruising advancement in the technological world.

It is a matter of pride that our Technopark is the first IT Park in the country. Later came the Infopark in Kakkanad, giving a needed leap to the IT sector. The government put efforts into building a knowledge-based economy in the last budget minding the future possibilities. This steadfast approach of allocating money for the IT sector also puts forward the motto ‘knowledge is a weapon for success in life’. International AI could create a paradigm shift in efforts to realize such a knowledge-based economy. Hopefully, the conclave will pave the way for this.

Industry leaders, policymakers, innovators, investors, start-up promoters, academicians and experts in the field of IT-AI are participating in the conclave.

The debates, thesis presentations, and overall communication in the conclave are expected to shed light on the global trends in the IT field and how Kerala could make the most of it. Minister P. Rajeeve is steering the conclave and deserves appreciation for the noble initiative. It is high time the politicians recognize the need for development rather than controversies.

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