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Friday, 25 June 2021 6.56 PM IST

'Sudani from Nigeria' fame Samuel Abiola Robinson announces retirement from acting


Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson, who became popular among the Malayali audience through the film Sudani from Nigeria, has announced his retirement from acting career. The actor, who made the announcement through his official Facebook page, revealed that he has been struggling with intense depression for the last one and a half years and had even thought of committing suicide at one point of time.

The actor's Facebook post reads- 'Today I announce my retirement from Acting. This last year has been the worst year of my life, I've struggled with intense Depression and was going to end things, I had prepared the rope, the suicide note, everything. This was to be the last picture of me ever. Being an Actor drove me in this direction. My parents are late and I've been taking care of myself since I was 15 years old, I always gave my all to everything I put my mind into and I got some success at a very young age because of my hard work. In the last year and half I've gotten Bollywood offers from Rajkumar Santoshi and AIB, Tamil offers with big stars, big Nigerian offers, brand endorsements etc came my way as well this last year and a half I got all the offers of my dreams and then lost them all. The Rajkumar Santoshi project with Ranveer Singh got permanently shelved, the AIB project got canceled because of some Assault allegations against its Director, the Tamil project turned out not to be genuine, the Nigerian project got shelved because it was meant to be a Nigerian /South African project and there were recent Attacks on Foreigners in South Africa, I lost the brand endorsement because the Company lost its commercial license at the last minute. This keeps happening on and on. I'm not inadequate, I book the projects yet for some reason completely out of my control they have disappeared and left me with nothing. I had felt horrible and worthless and like I'd never catch a break so I decided to end my life and wrote that note, I didn't do it thanks to my friends therapist who spoke with me at the last minute after I sent her a message saying Goodbye and she freaked out and had her therapist call me. I am exceptional and Acting leads me to this dark place. No more. Kill myself why? Because of some job? No!! I'll go be exceptional in other things I've had businesses I've wanted to do for many years I had hoped acting would fund, I could be an exceptional programmer or Businessman or Engineer or Doctor. The therapist helped me understand that acting is just a job, its not worth my life. Come on! I learned 7 languages. I can do anything. I'll go be something else exceptional. I've tried.'

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