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Thursday, 09 April 2020 11.59 PM IST

Congress played politics over Ramjanmabhoomi: PM Modi


RANCHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hit out at the Congress party saying it played politics over the Ramjanmabhoomi issue in Ayodhya. Addressing an election rally here Prime Minister spoke about the connection of Lord Rama with Adivasis.

"The Adivasis had shown the direction to even Lord Rama. When Lord Rama was in Ayodhya, he was called a Prince. When he left Ayodhya for 'Vanvaas' (exile) and returned back after 14 years he was called 'Maryada Purushottam'. This showed that the transformation in Lord Rama took place because, during his exile, he spent time with Adivasis. This is the effect the Adivasis have on Him. And this Congress party what did they do on Ramjanmabhoomi. For vote bank, they played politics and left the issue to hang."

The prime minister said, "From 2014 when I came here since then a lot of changes have taken place. At that time the issue of Naxalism and violence was prominent here. But this government, security forces, and you people have worked so much that this area has become free from fear of violence,"

"Due to violence, this place lagged behind on development issues. The development happened very slowly here. Many youngsters were forced to migrate. But the BJP government changed this. We have been able to eliminate Naxalism because our intent is clear and we are working with honesty," Modi said praising the BJP for introducing the narrative of development in the state.

Continuing his attack on Congress party over its policies on Naxalism, Modi said: "Earlier Congress government's policies and intent both had loopholes. They used Naxals for their political gains. I the past five years, however, both Centre and state government here worked to eliminate this issue. We have worked for uniting the disgruntled youth in the mainstream. So when you vote BJP to power then the backbone of Naxalism will be broken completely and developmentalism will win."

The Prime Minister said, "More than me you know the real nature of the Congress party. While BJP is projecting the new image of Jharkhand to the country and the world the Congress and JMM are diminishing the image of Jharkhand."

"We want more investment and jobs here so that migration does occur. However, Congress and its allies have projected Jharkhand in such a manner as if everyone here is involved in violence," he added.

Jharkhand will go to polls in five phases from November 30. The first phase of polling will be held on November 30, the second phase on December 6, the third phase on December 12, the fourth phase on December 16 and the last phase on December 20.

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