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Thursday, 22 October 2020 9.55 AM IST

Law and Justice still a far cry


The shocking gang rape of a girl at Hathras in UP that mocks at the legal justice system of India. The 19-year-old Dalit woman later succumbed to the injuries caused by brutal sexual assault by ruffians from upper caste people in UP’s village called Hathras, which is a hotbed of crime in Uttar Pradesh.
On September 14, the young woman was abducted by a gang of four from the field where he went for work along with his mother and brother. She was subjected to all kind of physical abuse.
His brother and mother had left early from the field and this provided a good opportunity for the miscreants to abduct her after strangulating her with the shawl.
It was apparently a rerun of Nirbhaya case incident.
The rapists had bitten off her tongue; her back bone also was damaged. As her neck was stifled with shawl, she had lost the ability to speak.

In the search for the girl, she was found lying unconscious on the field.
Though she was admitted to Safdar Jang hospital and all expert treatment were given, she died on Tuesday morning.
The new amendment in Women’s protection law says in the case of gang-rape, the culprit can get a penalty up to the capital punishment.
Despite strong law, atrocities against women are happening now and then in the country. If the accused is a politician, the administrators themselves will come to help them
As her relatives frequented the police station, the police came forward to register a case on the fifth day. As a result the police were able to arrest four persons. It was of course an achievement. By this time, protests had spilled over to areas outside the State.
Even after the girl’s death, the police showed disrespect to her body.
The body was cremated even without allowing her parents to see the body.
The request for holding the cremation early morning also fell on deaf ears.
.The UP chief minister received a message from the prime minister, demanding strong action against the culprits only after the girl’s death.
As the protest started spreading like wild fire, the UP government announced a financial aid of Rs 25 lakh to the family members of the victim and offered a government tofor a family member.
Instead of this, the state government should ensure that the offenders get maximum punishment under the law.
The inquiry by the police and the charge sheet filed should be error-free and flawless. The authorities should ensure that these things happen. Any laxity from their part will turn out to be denial of justice, something usually suffered by people in the low strata of society.
The Nirbhaya case had tainted the image of India at international level. The women’s security was beefed up after this to make sure that Nirbhaya case doesn’t repeat. The Hathras gang rape once again remind us of the Nirbhaya case and leads us to think that situation has not changed much after the Nirbhaya incident.

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