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Wednesday, 10 August 2022 11.13 AM IST

Political fight is going to happen in Nedumangad; Will resign from district secretary post, says G R Anil


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: LDF candidate G R Anil has said that the malicious campaign against the government will not be a discussion point in the elections. He also said that the results of the state government’s welfare-oriented and development activities will translate into votes. As I had become a candidate, I will soon resign from the post of district secretary. Anil also added that people vote not for individuals but to parties. G R Anil talks to Keralakaumudi online.

What are your expectations while contesting in Nedumangad constituency?

Our hopes are high. The political condition is conducive to the left. Traditionally, Nedumangad is the stronghold of left-oriented families. At the national level, farmers protest is going on and Nedumangad is basically an agricultural village. The majority of people in this constituency belongs to families of farmers. The condition of farmers in the country will be an important agenda in the poll campaign. The commoners, farmers and other sections of people in the constituency will come forward to ensure the victory of the LDF candidate, whatever happens.

What will be the dominant agenda to be discussed in the constituency?

The development activities initiated and completed by left MLAs in the constituency are many. Today all the development witnessed in the constituency are the contributions of CPI MLAs. Nedumangad has benefitted from the various welfare and people-oriented projects started by the Pinarayi government in the past five years. In the coming years, we will better those welfare activities and will initiate more projects based on public opinion.

CPI became a model for CPM by implementing the three-term norm and it has also benefitted your candidature. How do you evaluate the action of the party as the district secretary of the party?

CPI has always provided opportunities for new entrants to experience our country’s democratic setup. It is because of that policy of the party, leaders like C Divakaran became MLA and minister. Even before three elections, we have made three-term a mandatory norm. Those who came to electoral politics in that manner have now stayed back. All ministers of CPI has come up under this norm.

Even though G R Anil is a new entrant, it is alleged that women and new entrants are not given much priority in CPI’s candidates’ list?

Such things will gain more clarity when the final list is prepared. CPI always gives prominence to women and youth in this country. In the past also our stand was the same.

Do you have the support and cooperation of incumbent CPI MLA C Divakaran?

It is he who is leading me. For a long time, he has been leading workers and other leaders of the party in the area not only as a senior leader of the party but also as a responsible representative of the people. Therefore such questions have no relevance.

How are you planning to fight against the controversies against the government?

We are not chasing such issues. We are standing with the people. The functioning of left activists is centred around people’s life. The controversies are created by BJP and Congress who are not able to reply to such controversies and agencies concerned are investigating them.

Don’t you think these controversies will influence people?

Those issues which are related to people’s life will influence them.

You are contesting while holding the post of district secretary. The state secretary has said that those who office bearers of the party who gets candidature should resign from official positions. Will you resign from the district secretary post?

I will resign before filing the nomination. The state council have already taken a decision in that regard. I will resign once the party centre takes such a decision.

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