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Tuesday, 18 May 2021 3.56 PM IST

Pinarayi’s Victory: It is, of course, the ‘continuity of rule’ for those who know how to rule!!!


Those who knows to run well can only come first in running race. The election is also like that. Those who know well to run the government will get elected. The people will also vote for the Front whom they think can run the government well.

The massive victory of the LDF in the election held for 15the Assembly is not at all surprising as everyone had ex[
This glorious victory is in many ways a milestone in the history of the state for the last half century
The Left and Right Fronts used to come to power alternately every five years. But this time, the LDF not only broke the tradition but also won more seats than last time.

This is the brightest victory in the current political climate. It must be assumed that the challenges posed by the Congress-led UDF and the BJP-led NDA alliance did not create even the slightest ripple among the people.

Through this undeniable victory, the LDF has further strengthened its presence and strength. The people have unequivocally ruled that the LDF government should continue for the next five years. The failure of the UDF to make even a slight progress will be seen by the people as a major political failure of the Front
In the 2016 elections, the LDF had 93 seats but this time it was able to increase it to 99. On the other hand, the UDF dwindled from 47 to 41 seats. Only Malappuram and to some extent Kottayam and Wayanad districts gave some relief to the UDF. Ten districts were almost completely dominated by the LDF. The BJP has suffered the greatest loss and embarrassment. This time they had to give up their lone representation in the assembly to the Left Front. In Nemom, Palakkad and Thrissur constituencies, the party was able to maintain its lead for a while but at the end it had to give up. These are major failures that could lead to much political debate and controversy in the days to come.

In every election, sabotage is a common thing. This time also there was some. The most notable of these was Jose K Man’s contest in Pala. Jose K Mani’s is a huge failure. Before the election, Jose K. came to the Left Front in search of better pasture. Jose Mani and his party cannot say how they will be able to conceive this defeat. Mani C Kappan, who was ready to do anything for the Pala seat, defeated Jose at his home turf by more than 13,000 votes. Kappan even had to give up the LDF alliance to get the Pala seat. PC George's failure in Poonjar is another highlight. This time too, he sought the people's verdict there alone. But the people abandoned him. K Muraleedharan who contested from Nemom while holding the post of MP and the defeat of his sister Padmaja Venugopal in Thrissur was a major blow to the Congress.

The defeat of V S Sivakumar from Thiruvananthapuram was also a big blow to the Congress party.

Though Oommen Chandy repeated his victory in Puthupally, the dip in majority was a shocker for the party.
Lining up youths as candidates, the LDF was able to put up a good show. Minister M M Mani and T P Ramakrishnan also had an astounding victory with big majority.
The election results proves that allegations and controversies that were brought about by the Opposition were not able to make any impact on government.
A government may not be able to fulfil all aspirations of the people but they will give whole-hearted support if they get a government which stands by them. The LDF government’s social welfare programmes, implemented ahead of election, stood in good stead for it in the election.

As far as the State is concerned the continuity of rule is a unique thing.
The next LDF government should be able to use this rare opportunity for the welfare of the people. There are many projects that were started.
The pandemic also looming large. The fight against it will have to be strengthened.
This big victory awarded by the people should turn into an inspiration for the government to move forward with higher goals and determination.
Our hope is that Chief Minister who will enter his second term will be able to do that very easily.
And, it is true that the credit for presenting this massive victory to the LDF goes to Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan.

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