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Sunday, 19 May 2024 1.20 AM IST

Controversy surrounding Thrissur pooram: Revisiting state police motto


The motto of the state police is 'Soft in Temperament, Yet Firm in Action.' Thrissur Pooram was obstructed by police who recite the same. What a contradiction. Those who believe that the slogans should be changed can't be blamed, given what occurred during Pooram.

By blocking the road in front of Pooram lovers, blocking the firecrackers that were supposed to take place in the morning, and shouting at the employee who brought the food for the elephant, the arrogant police parade will remain a shame not only in the history of Pooram but also in the history of the police. Thrissur Pooram is naturally crowded. People can understand that the police officers in charge of security often take a tough stance.

There were no suspected safety issues or potential hazards. There is even a complaint that during the dispute over the person who came to pour oil on Vadakkunnathan's lamp, the police officer said, 'Let's light the lamp after Pooram.' The chief minister has instructed to transfer Commissioner Ankit Asokan and Assistant Commissioner K. Sudarshan as soon as possible.

The state government should also have been more cautious anticipating that such untoward incidents during the election period could be exploited politically. The Thiruvampadi Devaswom has demanded a permanent system for the management of the Thrissur Pooram. The Home Department observes many exemplary things while deputing the police to control the crowd during Makara vilakk season when lakhs of people visit Sabarimala. Pious and ethical policemen are preferred there. There are policemen who consider performing their duty in the presence of God as prayer. That model should be adopted in the management of Thrissur Pooram as well. There is no solution to the embarrassment. At least there should be prudence to prevent such mishaps from happening again.

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