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Wednesday, 29 March 2023 10.43 AM IST

Country experienced many moments of national pride: PM Modi on his govt's seventh anniversary


NEW DELHI: The country has experienced many moments of national pride during his government's tenure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday as he highlighted its initiatives on national security and various development measures on its seventh anniversary.

In his monthly 'Mann ki Baat' address, Modi said what could not be achieved even in decades was done in these seven years because everyone worked together as ''Team India''.

''We worked as a team. We worked as Team India. Every citizen has tried to take a few steps forward in advancing the country,'' he said. Modi also said that along with successes there have been trials too and referred to the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit lives hard across the country and dealt a blow to the economy. He expressed confidence that India will prevail over the virus. Over these seven years, he said, the country has followed the mantra of “sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas”.

India now moves ahead not under the pressure of other countries but with its own convictions, he asserted and said it makes everyone proud.

“When we witness that now India gives a befitting reply to those who conspire against us, then our confidence soars. When India does not compromise on the issues of national security, when the strength of our armed forces increases, we feel that, yes, we are on the right path,” Modi said.

Many old disputes have also been resolved with complete peace and harmony, and a new confidence underpinned by peace and development has arisen from the Northeast to Kashmir, he said.

Noting that in seven decades after Independence only 3.5 crore rural homes had water connections, he said 4.5 crore houses have been given clean water connections in the last 21 months alone. Of these, 15 months were during the coronavirus period, he added.

When the poor come home healthy with free treatment under '''Ayushman Yojana'', they feel that they have got a new life, he said.

Many people are thankful that electricity has reached their village for the first time in 70 years, while many others say their village too is now connected to a city by a paved road, he said, referring to development works undertaken by his government since it took office in May 2014.

Modi said, “I remember some friends from a tribal area had sent me a message that after the road was built, for the first time they felt that they too had joined the rest of the world. ''Similarly, someone shares the joy of opening a bank account, someone starts a new employment with the help of different schemes, then they also invite me in sharing that happiness.” Modi said he also keeps receiving many invitations from countrymen for house warming ceremony after they get a home under the central government's scheme.

In these seven years, India has worked to show the world a new direction in digital transactions, and it is also setting records in launching satellites and constructing roads, he said.

India has overcome many difficult tests as well, and each time it emerged stronger, he said.

“In the form of the Corona pandemic, we are being continuously put to test. This is a crisis that has plagued the whole world. So many people have lost their loved ones. Even big countries were not spared from its devastation.

''In the midst of this pandemic, India is moving forward with the resolve of service and cooperation. In the first wave, we fought courageously; this time too India will be victorious in the ongoing fight against the virus,” he said.

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