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Friday, 03 December 2021 10.35 PM IST

How can the students be blamed for poor educational standards?


There is a saying that if a teacher errs once, the student will err fifty times. The finding that 961 of the engineering college teachers in the state are inadequately qualified is alarming. There are frequent reports of declining standards of engineering education and mass failures among the students. Many do not remember that these children are the direct victims of the decline in the quality of education. It is up to the universities to check and ensure the teaching qualifications of the college teachers. The Technical University is also functioning here only for engineering colleges. Yet the fact that many of the teachers who teach in such technical institutions are unqualified is a great insult to the children. The qualifications of principals, professors, associate professors and assistant professors in engineering colleges are determined by AICTE. Its guidelines should be followed in recruiting teachers in engineering colleges. It is the responsibility of the Technical University to look into this matter. But 961 unqualified engineering college teachers still remain as a result of the university and other authorities often turning a blind eye to various pressures. It is noteworthy that among these are government engineering colleges. It is learned that there are 93 unqualified people working in government engineering colleges. There are 49 such teacgers in government aided engineering colleges. The highest number is in the self-financing colleges. Liberalization in the field of higher education has paved the way for the emergence of many private engineering colleges. Due to non-availability of qualified teachers, less qualified teachers were also recruited as teachers in these places. These appointments were made on condition that appointees should attaining higher qualifications within a specified period. But reports from People say that's not happening. The university and the government did not show compulsion. With the strict enforcement of the requirement that only those with certain qualifications be allowed to teach in high-tech institutions, this category has become more prevalent everywhere. Its shortcomings can be seen not only in the study but also in the valuation. Children are the ones who suffer the most. The tuition by teachers with qualifications for all subjects has become as essential for engineering students as in school classes.

While it is said that the syndicate will take action to find certain unqualified teachers in engineering colleges, it is not clear what will happen to so many. There is also a warning that the affiliation of colleges that keep unqualified people will not be renewed. Won’t the children still studying there suffer? It is unjust to sacrifice children for the wrongs done by the authorities. Authorities in the higher education sector need to work together to find a solution that does not create more problems. It is not at all nice that unqualified people continue to be teachers from time to time.

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