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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 6.43 PM IST

Sarojini sleeps in kennel, says it's for her safety


KANNUR: One of her brothers is a bank employee, another is an engineer in the US and another is a building contractor. But their sister Sarojini's life is in a tarpaulin-covered kennel on the roadside in Thekki Bazaar in Kannur. She had a sister who was an engineer in the United States who died recently. Sarojini gave up her life's fortunes one by one and control of the mind on her journey in search of the man she loved.

Relationship with her family is limited to the five thousand rupees that her siblings put into the State Bank account number 67321780534 every month. She left home at the age of thirty. She is now 56. Sarojini, who has been here for 16 years, has become 'Telugamma' of Kannur. She has been sleeping inside a kennel for a long time.

Though she studied only till the 10th standard, Sarojini speaks Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and English.

Her father was an army officer; and an alcoholic. Although he did not leave her mother, he stayed with another woman. Due to this, Sarojini was taught by her mother's family. Her life was full of restrictions. Later, she agreed to an arranged marriage. That relationship broke because due to disagreements. She wanted to marry Somarajan, an LNT officer, with who she happened to have a crush. The family brought many proposals, she did not agree as her desire was something else. She lost her mind when the quarrel with family became frequent. Sarojini left the house in search of Somarajan. She searched for Somarajan in Bangalore, Chennai, the Andamans and Coimbatore. She earned a living through daily wage jobs. When she came to know that there are Andhras residing in Kannur, Sarojini went there and didn’t feel like going anywhere after that. She lived among them for 10 years. She then built a strong dog kennel and relocated to it after the anti-socials started bothering her. According to Sarojini, it cost Rs 20,000. Yet the thieves didn't leave her alone. She says that she had lost about two lakhs over time. She owns a ration card and have an Aadhaar card. Sarojini also has the right to vote. The only thing missing is the house. Her father and mother are still alive. But she is not interested in becoming an annoyance in the lives of her brothers. She is not interested in traveling to Andhra anymore.

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