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Monday, 29 May 2023 4.17 AM IST

How to normalise sex, intimacy, and consent in India


Indian blogger, model, and TEDx speaker Anwesh Sahoo, along with comedian and YouTuber Kaneez Surka discuss physical and emotional intimacy, consent and the importance of sexual health and awareness on Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app.

NEW DELHI: When quizzed on how sex and intimacy can be normalized, Anwesh Sahoo shares, "We can start with focusing on two kinds of people here -- the young adults and adults who are maybe in their 20s or early 30s. I have seen a pattern of how they are a little more receptive to information. They are okay with change and want to grow and evolve. Of course, the younger population are the ones who are going to take this conversation forward."

He adds, "We need to focus on better nomenclature, vocabulary and better ways of storytelling regarding sexual intimacy or just intimacy, about safe sex practices, and sexual hygiene in a very smart way."

"I kept feeling like I was saying something wrong when I was talking about my sexual experiences because I grew up in a generation where we were taught that it was a taboo to talk about these things," says Kaneez Surka on her experience.

When asked about the importance of consent in intimacy while dating online, Kaneez says, "It is extremely important. I feel like there's been a shift into this conversation about consent, not only in intimacy but also generally in life. I think it's such a great topic that has come into the forefront because consent is something we were never told about or taught about."

Excited to team up with Bumble India, Kaneez mentions, "I'm glad that Bumble decided to do this show." While Anwesh highlights that, "He wants to continue having such conversations and exploring the aspects of dating, especially from the queer community's lens."

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