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Thursday, 27 January 2022 10.38 PM IST

Flaws in the treasury   


It did not sound good that the treasury was shut during the New Year. It is to be assumed that the authorities knew then that the treasury would not function. This is because the computer system in the treasury had gone to toss for the previous two days. If it had been announced on Monday that the treasury would not function, thousands of pensioners would not have had to come to the treasury and return empty-handed. But it is unfortunate that the treasury authorities did not show the responsibility to give even such a notice. This is another example of how those who remain in office do not understand the status and attitude of the pensioner until they retire. Treasury transactions were suspended four times last year as well. The director was replaced by the government due to a fall in the functioning of the treasury but did not appoint a replacement director. The Joint Director has been appointed instead. Why is such a delay for the finance department to appoint a permanent director in a very important government institution like the treasury?
But it is not clear why the appointment of the director of the treasury is being delayed. It is alleged that the unions do not agree to hand over the management of technical systems, including the server in the treasury, to outsiders. There have also been reports of some treasury scams in the past. It was also found that an officer had logged into a computer that another had forgotten to log out of and swindled the amount. Banks and other systems have a mechanism that automatically log off even if an employee forgets to log out.
It is not difficult to apply this technology in the treasury. It is enough if experts are employed to handle this. But even that is being hampered by some vested interests.
At the same time, SBI efficiently manages the accounts of about 50 crore people. It doesn't matter if you talk about technology forty times an hour. The government should take steps to change and modernize the old practices in the treasury. Five and a half lakh pensioners and four and a half lakh government employees are paid salaries and pensions by the treasuries before the tenth day of every month. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure that the treasury functions properly at least for the first ten days.

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